International Conferences "Modern Trends in Activation Analysis"
Information for MTAA-(1-8) is based on the text of the paper by V.P.Guinn "A history of the MTAA international conferences" published in J.Radioanal.Nucl.Chem., v.215, No.1, (1997) 9-14. Information for the rest conferences is taken from different sources, mentioned on the pages.
From the very start of the series of Intemational Conferences on Modem Trends in Activation Analysis (MTAA); the self-appointed 4-man committee that planned and carried out the MTAA-1 Conference, held in 1961, felt that the timing was propitious for the initiation of a series of such intemational conferences on the subject, held at suitable intervals. The field was growing rapidly, new developments and applications were coming at an increasing pace, and only a few major conferences had been held at that time. Bringing the scientists most active in the field together where they could meet one another, discuss the latest developments in their respective laboratories informally - as well as presenting more formal papers before the whole group of participants - was obviously important. The Founding Committee, as noted in the Foreword to the Proceedings of the 1961 conference, consisted of Derek GIBBONS (UK), Vincent GUINN (USA), George LEDDICOTTE (USA) and Richard WAINERDI (USA). Plans for the 1961 conference were spearheaded by Derek GIBBONS (then on leave at Texas A & M University from the United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) and Richard WAINERDI (of Texas A&M University). Since it was decided that the 1961 conference would be held at Texas A & M, Derek GIBBONS and Richard WAINERDI carried out a major portion of the planning, but all four served as the Session Chairmen of MTAA-1. The principal aspects of each of the MTAA conferences are briefly discussed.

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