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International Committee on Activation Analysis (ICAA)


Site of the International Committee on Activation Analysis (ICAA) and Conference Modern Trends in Activation Analysis (MTAA)


by radel\kolotov22No presence information
 1/30/2020 8:15

Xiaolin Hou 2019 Hevesy Medal Awardee

Professor Xiaolin HOU.png

The 2019 Hevesy Medal Award Selection Panel (HMASP-19) is pleased to announce that Professor Xiaolin HOU ( of the Center for Nuclear Technologies, Technical University of Denmark, Risø Campus, Roskilde,...

Commemoration of Rolf Zeisler 
by Z.RévayNo presence information
 1/30/2020 8:13

Rolf Zeisler: 2018 Hevesy Medal Awardee


Rolf Zeisler received his PhD from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), Germany in 1974 on the application of activation analysis to study corrosion products of metal implants in biological tissues....

Simonits Andras passed away... 
by radel\kolotov22No presence information
 4/1/2018 20:41

Andras3_enlarged.jpegDear colleagues,

With a sharp pain in my heart I have to inform you that this evening I got the news that my colleague and dearest friend Andras Simonits passed away. At present I cannot find words to describe my sadness. 
Yours, Frans De Corte 

Nicholas Spyrou passed away... 
by radel\kolotov22No presence information
 3/15/2018 16:24


Dear Colleagues,
I am very sorry to inform you that our beloved friend and colleague Nicholas Spyrou peacefully passed away on Saturday March 3rd surrounded by his family.

We will miss him dearly.
Sadly yours,


NICHOLAS SPYROU did his postgraduate...

Dr. Jiří Mizera has been elected to become a member of ICAA 
by radel\kolotov22No presence information
 3/15/2018 16:24

Dr. Jiří Mizera of the Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic, has been elected to become a member of ICAA and to serve until the end of MTAA-17​ ​

(More Announcements...)


There are currently no upcoming events.

 Conferences to come...

10th International Conference on Nuclear and Radiochemistry– NRC10​

23 August 2020 18:00 - 28 August 2020 13:00, Brighton, United Kingdom 

Actinide chemistry
Chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle
Environmental Radioactivity
Nuclear and Radiochemistry Education and Training
Production of radionuclides
Radiation chemistry
Radioanalytical chemistry
Radionuclide speciation
Radiopharmaceutical chemistry
Transactinide chemistry​

 Past conferences...

Fifteenth International Conference on Modern Trends in Activation Analysis (MTAA-15)
Organized by BARC, Mumbai; November 17-22, 2019​

Scope of MTAA-15
A. Neutron Activation Analysis (NAA)
B. Prompt Gamma-ray NAA (PGNAA)
C. Charge Particle Activation Analysis (CPAA)
D. Photon Activation Analysis (PAA)
E. Fast Neutron Activation Analysis (FNAA)
F. k0-based conventional & internal monostandard NAA & PGNAA
G. Preconcentration , Radiochemical, Chemical & Speciation NAA
H. Research Reactors, Accelerators & Facilities for Activation Analysis
I. Radiation Detectors & Gamma-ray Spectrometry
J. Applications of Activation Analysis to Various Fields
K. Chemistry and Applications of Activation Products
L. Applications to Reference Materials & QA/QC in Measurements
M. Radioanalytical Techniques ( e.g., XRF, PIXE, PIGE, SSNTD etc.)​

2nd International Conference on Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry
(RANC 2019) 
May 5–10, 2019/Budapest, Hungary​
Scope of RANC 2019
1 Analytical methods and detection techniques
2 Environnent
3 Effects of radiation, radiation chemistry
4 Radiolabeled compounds and radiopharmaceuticals
5 Actinide chemistry, super-heavy elements
6 Nuclear industry
7 Separation, speciation
8 Radionuclides 
9 Instrumentation and methodology
10 Education in radiochemistry​

Since MARC I in 1987, this series of conferences has become the major international forum for discussion of advances in radioanalytical chemistry and its applications, despite the somewhat remote location for many participants. Conference web site.


The scope of the 18th Radiochemical Conference will cover chemistry of radioactive elements, radioanalytical methods, radiochemical separation methods and speciation techniques, environmental radioactivity (both natural and artificial), radioecology, application of radionuclides and ionising radiation in research and technology, radiation chemistry, chemistry of the nuclear fuel cycle including the chemical problems in nuclear waste treatment and disposal, or education and training.​ Conference web site... 




Dr. E. Mauerhofer: Jülich Centre for Neutron Science JCNS Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH
September 17 (Sun) ~ 22 (Fri), 2017, ICC Jeju • Jeju Island, Korea
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